Broomstick lace for stunning edgings: FREE Pattern!

Broomstick lace makes for gorgeous edgings.  You can crochet these edgings on anything that you can pull up a loop in - crochet, knitting, fabric.  

I’ve spent quite a bit of time coming up with original Broomstick lace edgings.  One day I will publish a collection of them.

I’ve shared a pattern for one of them below.  I’ve got a trick for doing picot stitches - watch for it in my blog post tomorrow.

For National Craft Month, look for a tip a day on my blog until the end of the month.

Picot Arches

Sample worked with DK Cotton Tape yarn, a size C crochet hook and a #50 Knitting Needle.

Multiple of 10 (+1 for starting chain)

Row 1(RS): Set up – Working in the back hump of the chain, Sc in 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch until end of row. DO NOT TURN

Row 2(RS): Loop Row  – Pull up the loop that is on the hook and transfer to the knitting needle. Starting in the 2nd st of the row, pull up a loop in each sc to end. DO NOT TURN

Row 3(RS): Stitch Row, working (sc, picot) in between the large arches -Insert hook into first 10-lp-grp, yo with working yarn, pull through a loop, ch 1, [(3 sc, picot) 3 times, 3 sc] in10-lp-grp, [ch 3, sc in Row 1 sc from which extends next lp, picot*, ch 3, [(3 sc, picot) 3 times, 3 sc] in next 10-lp-grp] across. Tie Off.