Home Improvement with the Lucet

Did you ever consider that your lucet could help with a home improvement project?

Anywhere you need a cord around the house presents a chance to use your lucet.  It gives you a chance to not only make an everyday thing that is functional, but beautiful as well.

For years I’ve had this teak cabinet that requires a removable skeleton key to open and close the door.  I used to store part of my yarn stash in it when my son was a toddler.  Well, of course, one day he removed the key and for the next 3 years I had no way to open the cabinet.  (Living with small children is chaos.)  It felt like Christmas when I found it under the sofa and could open the cabinet again. Almost like new yarn!

These days the cabinet stores guest-friendly items in our guest room and I really don’t want to relive that lost key frustration.  I figured that the key needed some kind of cord to keep it tethered to the cabinet. Not just any cord, something decorative and special.

Enter the lucet!

I made a cord that picks up the other colors in the room.  I used some cotton yarn from my stash and chose the 3 gimp technique.  When working with gimp cords, it's important to inspect BOTH sides of your cord every few stitches. Make sure you don’t have “hangy loops” on the back side that you can’t see while working.  It’s easy to get into a situation where you finish the cord, turn it over, and find that the back side is no where near as pretty as the side that’s been facing you as you make it. (Gimp cords are made as no-turn cords).

I tied the ends of my short cord together and used the gimp ends to form a pretty tassel.  I also chose not to directly attach my key.  Instead, I made a wire ring (I’ve been wire wrangling lately….) and used that to attach my pretty key to its new tether.  I like how it turned out!

If you’ve got projects around the house where a decorative cord might come in handy AND you’ve got a yarn stash, consider the lucet! You don’t even need a lucet to use the technique!

Already know how to lucet? How would YOU use it to make your house even better?

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