How to Line Knit & Crochet Purses

NEW: We've got a new Single Skein Stuff Evening Bag Kit as well as a new tutorial on how to line your handbag.  

I have been knitting and crocheting for years now, and I have only just begun to discover the joys of sewing.  I've been focusing on getting to know my sewing machine (I'm so happy with this "budget" starter machine!), and I even enrolled in Diana Rupp's fantastic beginning sewing class on Craftsy.  

I'm sure there are a lot of knitters and crocheters like me who can hack their way through a lining and come up with something half-way decent. But as I bring my sewing up to the next level, I thought it might be valuable to share some of my new discoveries - especially the ones that are most relevant to knit and crochet projects.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the new tutorial. I'm expecially interested in what you found valuable, or what you think I should have added that would have also been useful.

And of course, sewing aside, let me know what other tutorials you'd like to see on this website!