I made this cool bracelet with my lucet for you

Do you know about the Lucet Challenge I’ve been hosting?  All it takes is (7) thirty minute sessions and you will gain a new skill.

This is the kick off month and we’re at almost 1,000 knitters and crocheters who have joined up.  It’s a FREE 7 day challenge to learn how to lucet.  The coolest thing about the challenge is you don’t even need a lucet to join!  I show you how to make a lucet out of things you’ve already got laying around the house.

The challenge has grown into a community of fiber lovers and they are sharing their ideas online. (Links:InstagramTwitter and Facebook with hashtag #7DayLucetChallenge).  It’s been so cool for me to see people learning this ancient technique and making it their own. And there’s been such interesting project ideas as well!  One of my favorite ideas is using lucet cord to “cast on” for Tunisian Crochet. (Would work great in knitting as well!)

To help keep the energy going, I put together this bracelet. It uses variations on all the cords we learn in the challenge so you can apply what you've learned. It’s a great way to immediately practice all your new skills with a real project.

The Challenge Bracelet is a “graduation gift” I give to everyone who completes the challenge.  It comes as a fully-illustrated set of instructions.  You can use it as inspiration to do something with your own yarn and findings, or you can buy the yarn kit and make the same bracelet I did. The idea is to show how you can use a small set of yarns, seed beads and common jewelry components to create a unique statement bracelet.  This is a beginning level project so doable even if you've never tried jewelry before. And my hope is that it's a fun way to showcase your accomplishment: You've learned 6 new cords over the 7 days of the challenge!

The bracelet is just one of several project ideas you’ll receive after signing up.  Join us and not only learn to use your yarn and your lucet do new things, but also to make the knit and crochet you already do even better!

Want the bracelet?  Join the challenge!  It’s free, it’s easy, it's fast & portable, and it will expand your thinking about your yarn.  There really is no down side. :)

Learn to Lucet

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