Looking for a good Lucet book? (Let me know when you find one!)

So you’ve already got a good grasp of lucet basics? Looking to do more kinds of cords with your lucet and more advanced techniques?

Sadly, there just aren’t lots of books on the lucet out there to help you on your quest.  The lucet is truly a niche practice in the fiber arts world.  It's the down side of being attracted to something uncommon and truly unique!

In this post, I’ll give a quick review of 3 resources I’ve found so far. They each offer varying degrees of helpfulness and instruction.  Read on to discover the good, the bad and the ugly with each option. I’ll also share tips on where to buy each one.

Lucet Braiding - Variations on Renaissance Cord by Elaine Fuller


You can buy this here at Amazon (affiliate link), but it's actually cheaper to buy it on the publisher’s website.


This is probably the most comprehensive book I’ve found even though it’s only got 32 pages.  It’s a spiral-bound pamphlet in black and white: 2 Color covers with black and white photocopied pages inside.


The book covers about 12 cords and their variations including a section for left-handers.  

While it’s the most comprehensive book available, it’s easy to win that honor when there’s just not a lot out there to start with.  One beef I had is that the book could definitely use more diagrams. It did take me quite some time to plod through some of the more advanced cords without them.  That said, I'm very thankful that Elaine Fuller took the time to document her knowledge and compile this book back in 1998. Because of that, we have at least one solid reference for the technique.

200 Braids to twist, knot, loop or weave by Jaqui Carey Available at Amazon (affiliate link)


This book is a much more professional publication than the first one. It's got tons of step-out photography and a wealth of reference material covering all sorts of cord making.  But in regards to the lucet, the material is slim pickings.  I wouldn't recommend this book if all someone really was interested in was lucet. But it's a great reference for anyone wanting to learn about cord-making in general. It's a great resource on making all kinds of different kinds of cords, including the most basic lucet cord.

One thing I really liked was how she shows you how to make lucet cord on your fingers. I had heard of doing this before, but hadn’t been able to visualize exactly how that worked until I saw all the great step out photography in this book.

The Ziggy Stitch Technique and Video:  Advanced Luceting Leaflet and DVD  Available at his website.

Ziggy’s work is truly next-level.  I’ve blogged about his fast grab technique before. You need to check it out before making your next lucet cord. It will change the way you do things.

He has an Advanced Luceting Video and pamphlet available among other cool things on his website. I haven’t had the chance to go through the video and the leaflet yet. But based on what I've seen fron a quick browse, these techniques aren't covered anywhere else.  I'll be taking the info with me to practice on my trip this summer.

This is the best choice I’ve found for someone truly wanting to go to the next level.


Is there a book or resource I missed?  Please comment.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who would like to know!


A few more books that people have emailed me about, but that I haven't had the chance to review:

  1.  The Lucette Book by Daniel Phelps - available here.
  2. The lucet is pictured in this 1842 publication on the plates in the beginning pages and it says that instructions are on page 414, but I did not find it on that page.  Perhaps someone else can find?  Direct link hereThe Lady's Assistant in Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Work (second volume; Edinburgh; I. J. Gaugain; London: Ackermann and Co., 1842) by Mrs. Jane Gaugain. Listing page here.
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