Make the perfect high-impact closure for your project

Image from - How to Make Decorative Frogs


Sometimes you want the closure on your project to be the focal point. Think about a project you've seen before that pops just because of that perfect finishing element.  It could have been due to a big, beautiful contrasting button. Or a sparkling shawl pin. Or a spectacular beaded embellishment.

Yesterday I wrote about how you can use your lucet to make a button that blends seamlessly with your project.  But today I'm writing about a closure that commands attention and ties your project together while doing it.  One kind of closure with the potential to do that is a frog closure.

It's possible to make frog closures with crocheted chain or knitted i-cord. But based on the size of the stitches, these frogs are usually large and rustic looking.  If that's the look you want, then great.  But many times, people are looking for a sophisticated, sleek effect with their closures. This calls for a cord with a tighter stitch.  And that's perfect for the lucet.

If you create a frog with your own yarn, you're guaranteed to have a closure that perfectly matches your project. You can choose the color, the fiber, the design and the final size of your embellishment.

There are tons of tutorials online to teach you to make frog closures.  There are also a ton of YouTube videos - I've created a playlist of them. Check out one or two to see the level of effort required.  Probably less effort than driving around all day shopping for something that goes perfectly with your project.

Take a look at these frog tutorials to get your creative juices flowing:


    I'll leave you with some images of inspiration. I don't know about you but I see a lucet frog project in my near future.

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