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Yarn Palettes Realized

Spiral Quilt Palette A: BrownB: Creme TanC: Light TanD: Grey Last month I wrote a post describing how I use photos for color inspiration in my projects and I described the easy technique I use to convert photos to yarn color selections. So many people are afraid of color - and using photos to select color in this way really is a bit like "training wheels" for one's color confidence. We are offering a new yarn on the website (Lucci Cotton Tape) that I am enamoured with right now - one of the great things about it is that it comes in so many colors. I teach how to make this really versatile Multi-Garment in my Craftsy Tunisian Crochet class - and this yarn is perfect for it. When I...

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Sari Palette   We are preparing to add some really exciting yarns to the website and I've been swatching to learn more about them before we start promoting them.  I particularly like a DK cotton tape yarn not only because it has a very modernist texture, but because it comes in so many gorgeous colors.  (This new yarn is also value-priced. Stay tuned!) In my Tunisian Crochet Class on Craftsy, I teach a lesson on how even people who consider themselves "color blind" can put together some amazing palettes with photographs they find online and free tools such as Pinterest and ColourLovers. With the help of these tools and a little photoshopping, I've combined the original photograph inspiration, a 4-color palette, and a selection of 4...

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