What I'm Wearing in Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace

This post is long overdue. My Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace class on Craftsy has been out for a few months now, and one of the most common questions I get in the class is "What are you wearing?" and "Do you have a pattern for that?".  

Below is a rundown of what I am wearing in each lesson and a link to where you can obtain the pattern and/or kit for the project to make your own version of each project.

Up above in Lesson 1 (Introduction) you can see me wearing the Endless Broomstick Lace Cardi Shawl.  This totally versatile garment can be worn a ton of different ways. I am wearing it backwards and upside down with a shawl pin in the back!  It is a great project to make either during or after you complete the class.

In Lesson 2 where I introduce the basics of Broomstick Lace, you can see me wearing the Casual Glamour Capelet - a knitted design worked from the top down.  On the mannequin next to me is the Hourglass Jacket - a broomstick lace, seamless jacket also made from the top down.

In Lesson 3 we talk about how to measure yourself for the Rebel Cardi project and how to choose which size to make. I'm wearing the Bullseye Tank just for the occasion. I'm also wearing my very favorite pair of earrings - I'm always getting stopped and complimented on them. They are made by Zoa Chimerum - visit them online!

In Lesson 4 we start to learn some non-traditional broomstick lace stitches and how to create your swatch for the project. I've got the crazy eyes in this photo because I'm really serious about swatching! I'm wearing the Tunisian Crochet Multi Garment which is the class project for the Tunisian Crochet class that I teach on Craftsy.

In Lesson 5 I demonstrate the blocking techniques that I use to create a properly fitted garment and I give all sorts of tips and tricks for getting project gauge.  I'm wearing the Chainmaille Cowl which is a free pattern download on the Stitchdiva site and a great first project for learning to do Tunisian Crochet in the round.

In Lesson 6 I'm wearing a necklace from the Crochet Throat Adornments pattern called Crochet Throat Cuff.  The crazy eyes are back in this photo because I'm trying to ensure your success as you crochet the upper bodice of the Rebel Cardi project that we are creating in the class.

In Lesson 7 I'm wearing a Tunisian Crochet Scarf called Falling Layers that is available in our More Decidedly Different Scarves collection.  In this lesson, I walk you through the steps of creating the lower back bodice and give some other crochet tips for decreasing or increasing evenly to reach a desired stitch count.

In Lesson 8 I show how to create the cardi's collar and I am wearing the Asymmetric Redux project as an oversized scarf. This project is a great first project when learning Tunisian Crochet since it is fast and simple.

In Lesson 9 we work on the Bottom Hem of the Rebel Cardi. I'm wearing Vapor - a Hairpin Lace design included in the Wraps Organica pattern.

In Lesson 10, I wear a different sample of the  Endless Broomstick Lace Cardi Shawl in Lesson 10 of the class where we learn to work Broomstick Lace in the round.  This time I am wearing the cardi right side up and right-ways round - finishing it with a penannular shawl pin (my favorite type!).

In the final lesson, Lesson 11, I talk about using Broomstick Lace for edgings, insertions and present the bonus wristlet and hat projects that we create in the class - Velutinous Lace wristlets and hats.  I show how Broomstick Lace has been applied as an edging the the very striking Andalusia Hairpin Lace project. And of course, I am wearing the Rebel Cardi, which is the project we make together in the class - fastening it in the front with my favorite Penannular Shawl Pin.