Your First Lucet Cord

Do you Lucet?

We've got a number of free Lucet tutorials on the website.

If you've been meaning to try it, take a look at this video then save the graphic above to your phone as a handy reference.

While you try out the technique, here are some key points that you should keep in mind:

Tension is key!  Here are some tips:

1. Aim for “loosely tight”.  You should stop pulling each stitch just before it gets tight. 
2. Pull on the BACK of the bottom loop to make it larger so that you can bring it over the prong. 
3. Pull on the FRONT of the bottom loop to tighten up the last stitch that you made.  
4. You have 2 chances to control the gauge of each stitch. First, when you create the stitch itself.  Always err on the side of making the stitch a little loose when you first form the stitch. As touched upon in the previous point, once you form the next stitch, you can pull on the front thread of that stitch to fine tune the gauge of the previous stitch that you made.

    Don't choose a nubby or novelty yarn for your first cords.  It's easiest to stick with an elastic or slippery yarn when you start out on the lucet. Stick with a traditionally-plied fiber.  Any fancy nubbins in your yarn will make working with the lucet more difficult.

      As you work, the cord will naturally wrap around the handle. .  I just think there is something simply beautiful about that and the simplicity of this tool.

      For National Craft Month, look for a tip a day on my blog until the end of the month.

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