Hairpin Lace Crochet Neck Cuff

Hairpin Lace Crochet Neck Cuff

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Hairpin Lace Pattern - Not an actual item

Accessorize with romantic hairpin lace.

This feminine, lacy neck cuff is a quick project made from three strips of hairpin lace, then joined with cable joins. Upper and lower edgings are then worked circularly to form drapey, two-layered ruffles. The stretchy hairpin lace strips hug the neck, so are perfect for this kind of design. Secured with a gorgeous shawl pin, the cuff makes a fantastic layering accessory for cooler weather.

Skill Level


Skill Level Description

Variety of stitch techniques and basic stitch patterns, mid-level shaping and finishing.

Finished Size

One Size

Stitch Diva Studios Studio Silk
    Featured Yarn Gauge
    DK Weight
      Yardage Requirement
      100 Yards

            Jennifer Hansen

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