Throat Adornments
Throat Adornments
Throat Adornments
Throat Adornments
Throat Adornments

Throat Adornments

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Crochet, Knit, and Hairpin Lace Pattern - Not Finished Items

This collection features knit, crochet and hairpin lace designs that can be worn around the neck. Not quite scarves, not quite necklaces, these adornments showcase ways to use small amounts of yarn to quickly add whimsy and value to any wardrobe.

  • Crochet Throat Cuff: Fast and simple, this unusual crochet neck piece is created by crocheting around rings and features a unique balled chain and twisted cord closure. Experiment with wearing the cuff in different ways and tying the cord closures in varying positions to achieve different looks.

  • Knitted Lace Neck Cuff / Cravat: These ornate knitted neck accessories are created using a reversible garter-stitch based lace pattern and dropped stitches: a shorter length yields a dramatic neck cuff. Or work more repeats of the lace pattern for a dashing cravat.

  • Hairpin Lace Neck Scarf: Six short strips of hairpin lace are simply joined using a cable join and then edged using an ornate crochet stitch. The results of this quick project are enough to spice up any outfit. And better yet, this project is fast enough to make a gorgeous last-minute gift. An advantage of working this design in hairpin lace is that it behaves like a keyhole scarf: it can either be tied at the throat, or one end of the scarf can be brought through the stitches at the opposite end of the scarf to secure around the neck.


    Skill Level


    Skill Level Description
    Uses repetitive stitch patterns, shaping and simple finishing.
      Finished Size
      One size fits all, adjustable to any neck size
          Featured Yarn(s)
          • Crochet Throat Cuff:
            • Beaded Lace by Tilli Tomas; color Goldenrod
          • Knitted Lace Neck Cuff / Cravat:
            • Neck Cravat: Beaded Lace by Tilli Tomas; color Black Cherry
            • Neck Cuff: Beaded Lace by Tilli Tomas: color Gloxinia
          • Hairpin Neck Scarf:
            • Plie by Tilli Tomas; color Atmospher
              Featured Yarn Gauge
              • Hairpin Lace Neck Scarf: DK Weight
              • Other 2 projects: Fingering Weight
              Yardage Requirement
              • Crochet Throat Cuff: 77 yards
              • Neck Lace Cravat: 160 yards
              • Neck Lace Cuff: 73 yards
              • Hairpin Neck Scarf: 95 yards

                    Jennifer Hansen

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