Raised Scrolled Penannular Shawl Pin

Raised Scrolled Penannular Shawl Pin

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Approx 2" Diameter

Rich in tradition, utility and beauty!!

Our favorite type of shawl pin is penannular because it simply makes sense.

Each pin is hand forged in the USA out of bronze. No two are exactly alike, so please expect slight variations from the shawl pin pictured.

With a tradition dating back to the iron age, worn commonly in ancient Roman times, then popularized by the Celts and Vikings, these pins are still worn in the traditional dress of the Berber people today.

The pin of this shawl pin is permanently attached to the ring. No more lost pins! The pin is very pointed and works with many fabrics too, not just knit and crochet!

Wear your knit and crochet shawls in even more ways! These pins have stood the test of time, culture and dressing styles and remain the most functional way to control the drape of the fabric that you wear. The end is sharp, so will work with your looser fabric weaves as well.

Purchase a pair to create shoulder clasps.