3 Needle Bind Off

The three needle bind off is a great way to both bind off and seam at the same time - very often it is used for the shoulder seams of sweaters:  It will save you from having to sew together bound-off edges.


3 Needle Bind Off

Step 1:  Hold your 2 needles so that :

  • both right sides are held together
  • or you are holding them as directed by the pattern you are following. 

    If you are transferring work to a needle from waste yarn or a stitch holder, be mindful of the direction from which you transfer your stitches onto the needle.  Make sure you have the same number of stitches on each needle.  If you only have 2 of a particular size needle instead of 3, consider the following options:

    • Use a larger size needle for the RH needle.  Most people bind off too tightly anyway and this will compensate for that.
    • Use a crochet hook for binding off.  That is this author's preferred approach!
      Step 2:  With a 3rd needle, knit one stitch through the next stitch on both needles at the same time.
      Step 3:  Repeat step #2, knitting the next stitch through the stitches on both needles.  Then pull the first stitch over the second stitch, just as you would for a standard bind off.
      Step 4: Repeat step #3 across the row until all stitches are bound off.