Base Row

To start a Tunisian crochet fabric, make a base chain to the length that the pattern instructs. The base row is worked in two steps:  the Forward and the Reverse Pass.

Forward Pass:  Working Loops onto the Hook

After the base chain is worked, insert hook into 2nd chain from the hook (see Working Into the Base Chain to learn the many ways you can insert your hook).  Yarn over, draw loop through, and leave the loop on the hook.  [Insert the hook through the next chain, yo, draw another loop through and leave on the hook].  Repeat [ ] until end of chain.  Do not turn.
You have completed half of the base row.


Reverse Pass:  Working Loops off the Hook

Once the forward pass is complete and all loops are on the hook, yarn over and draw through one loop only.
After this first stitch, [yarn over, draw through two loops]  Repeat [ ] until only one stitch remains on the hook.  Do not turn.
Base row is complete!