Double Crochet (dc)

It is easy to think of the double crochet stitch being the same as the single crochet stitch with the addition of a yarn over.

Pattern Abbreviation:  dc

The photos below show an example of a double crochet stitch being worked into a base chain.

Step 1:  Yarn over hook (wrap yarn from back to front around the hook) just below hook opening.
Step 2:   Keeping working yarn behind work, insert hook into the spot indicated by the instruction.  Yarn over to create a loop on the hook (wrap yarn around hook from back to front into hook opening).

Step 3:  Pull  loop on hook through so that there are now 3 loops on the hook.


TIP:  If working in a chain, it is helpful to keep tension on the chain with thumb and forefinger of your hand opposite the hook so that the hook slides through easily.

Step 4:  Bring yarn over hook again, from back to front so that yarn engages in hook opening.

Step 5:  Draw loop through two of the loops on the hook so that two loops remain on the hook. 

TIP:  Twist hook so that hook opening faces downwards when drawing through the two loops on the hook.

Step 6:  Yarn over again.
Step 7:  Draw loop through remaining two loops on the hook so that only one loop remains on the hook.  This completes a double crochet stitch.