Dropping Stitches

Dropping stitches is an act most of us have done without even trying:  it happens when a stitch falls from your needle and creates a run in the fabric.  When you don't want it to happen, your best bet is to use a crochet hook to hook the stitches back up onto your needle.  However, sometimes you may want to drop stitches on purpose to create an easy-to-work lacy knitted fabric.  Here's how:


Step 1:  Knit (or purl) until you reach the stitch you'd like to drop.
Step 2: Grab the stitch off the needle.

Step 3:  Let it go!  You may find that you need to work a bit at unraveling the stitches. 

Note:  It is an evil irony of the universe that when you drop a stitch inadvertently, very little effort is required for it to run to the bottom of your work, but when you want to drop a stitch on purpose, you will spend lots of time trying to unravel your stitches.