How to Use Crimp Beads

Crimp beads are very useful when working with wire to secure the ends of wire into loops so that they can be connected to other jewelry components.

Crimp Beads:  Crimp beads are metallic beads that come in various sizes and metal finishes.

Step 1:  String the crimp bead on the wire a few inches from the tail.  With pliers or your hands, bend the tail back through the crimp bead, leaving a loop in the wire.

Option:  Before bending wire back through crimp bead, string another jewelry component such as a clasp or jump ring, on the wire so that it will be secured in the loop.

Step 2:  Using flat nose pliers, press the crimp bead securely so that it flattens, securing the wire into a loop.
Appearance of the flattened crimp bead.
Step 3:   Using wire cutters, trim the tail of the wire as close to the crimp bead as possible.
Appearance of completed loop with crimp bead.