Increase using Tunisian Reverse Stitch: trsf&b

Tunisian Reverse Stitch is fantastic for texture and colorwork.  However, if using this stitch for colorwork in which the reverse pass of the prior row is worked in a different color than the forward pass, you need to pay particular attention if you want to make an increase.  Many increases are worked in the horizontal threads of the previous row, or under the horizontal threads of the previous row.  To preserve an unbroken accent line of a Tunisian Reverse stitch row worked in a different color, try the Tunisian Reverse Stitch Front & Back Increase:

Step #1:  Work Tunisian Reverse stitch as you normally would in the stitch in which you will be increasing. In the photo above, notice that the horizontal threads of the prior row are worked in white, whereas the rest of the work is in red.  1 loop made in the current stitch is on the hook.

Step #2:  Bring the hook to the back of the stitch just worked. Insert the hook from the BACK to the front of the stitch in which you worked the first loop.

Step #3:  Yo and pull up a loop through this same stitch.  You should now have 2 loops on your hook from this same stitch as in the photo above.