Managing Long Strips as You Work

Typically, you will be working strips in a project that are longer than one loom-full.  You can accomplish these long hairpin lace strips by removing a portion of the strip from the loom and continuing to work the strip until the loom becomes full once again.  The length of strip that you remove from your loom must be secured somehow or it will get in your way - in addition - unless you have guide lines this dangling edge of your hairpin lace strip can become hopelessly tangled upon itself.

You may  find that removing a portion of the hairpin strip from the loom is not the most pleasurable part of the work and feels like an administration task.  That is why many folks prefer a loom with long prongs that can hold the maximum number of loops at a time.

Our tutorial below illustrates how to remove a portion of the strip from the loom and secure it.

You should be "scrunching" your strip down as you work and you will be surprised how much your loom can hold.  There will reach a point, however, when you no longer have room to comfortably pass your crochet hook through the opening between the top of the work and the upper frame as you work.
Remove the bottom frame of the loom and partially remove the strip until 3 or 4 loops on each prong remain on the frame.
Replace the bottom frame of the loom.  Roll the dangling edge of the strip onto itself, beginning with the starting edge.
Secure this "loop roll" to the bottom edge of the prongs with a rubber band.  The loom is now ready for some more action!