Overcast Seam

An overcast seam is the easiest seam that you can make.  It is not hidden, so the seam will be fairly obvious.  If you make the overcast seam on the back of the work, the seam will create an obvious line on the front of the work.  If made on the right side of the work, the yarn you use to seam will be visible and the seam will appear cord like.  You may choose to use an overcast seam as a design element in a finished design, or you may choose to use an overcast seam when the work will be felted so the seam will be made invisible when the project is complete.

Our Curiously Clever Clogs (felted, knitted slippers) uses an overcast seam.

Overcast Seam:

With either wrong sides (for seam on front) or right sides (for seam on back) facing, insert needle from back to front through strands at edge of fabric.  Repeat until end.