Pattern Instructions for Double Knitting

Most of our double knit patterns are worked with 2 yarn strands at a time:  one strand of A and one strand of B.

  • When our instructions specify AB, such as k1 AB, this means to knit with both strands held together. 
  • When instructions specify only A or only B, then this means to work with only one strand alone.  Example:  k1 A, p1 B means to knit 1 with A then purl 1 with B.
  • You will be working both sides at once in double knitting, with stitches from each side of the fabric alternating on your needles.  First you will knit a stitch from the side of the fabric facing you, and then you will purl the matching stitch from the opposite side of the fabric to get a match.  Our pattern instructions indicate matching stitches in parenthesis.  Example:  (k1 A, p1 B)