Ruching (pronounced roo-shing) is an old sewing technique in which a length of fabric is gathered in pleats by a gathering thread that is run up the length of the fabric.  Using extremely rudimentary ruching techniques, you can create some very cool effects with your knitted fabrics.

Our Moulin Rouge scarf uses simple ruching to create a unique and textural effect.

Simple Ruching:

Step 1:  Attach a  thread of coordinating color (contrasting color shown for illustration purposes only) on the WS at beginning of the stripe of the stripe of stitches that you would like to ruche.  Zig zag this thread slightly using a running stitch to create traction for the ruching.
Step 2:  Pull the thread as you go every few inches to gather the strip into the desired amount of pleating.

Step 3:  Continue in this way until the end. Secure the other end of the thread and weave in all ends.

Our sample is short, however you can see how the gathers pinch the fabric in the middle.