Tools Required

To create hairpin lace requires a crochet hook and a hairpin loom.  You will see the hairpin loom referred to alternatively as a fork, staple, prongs or frame.  When starting your project, choose a crochet hook suitable for the gauge of yarn you've selected.

Types of Hairpin Lace Looms


Adjustable Hairpin Looms

The adjustable loom is the most versatile hairpin lace tool. - the prongs of the tool can  be configured to several widths.  There are several looms available on the market.  Look for a loom that:

  • Can configure to the greatest array of widths
  • Has long prongs.  Long prongs hold a large number of loops and allow more space to accommodate the crochet hook when working.

We really like the AGeary Woodworks Hairpin Lace Loom since we helped to design it and that is the loom you will see pictured in our tutorials.  There are other adjustable looms available on the market as well.

Bent Hairpin

This craft actually started in the Victorian times when women would use the actual prongs of their hairpins to work.  While no longer common, it is  possible to find hairpin lace forks that look like an upside-down U.  These have lost popularity over the years as they are not as versatile as the adjustable looms.  If you are using one, be sure to work with the "U" side of the prong facing up so that you can easily slide finished hairpin strips off the loom as you work.