Tuck Stripe

A Tuck Stripe adds dimension to your knitting.  When you work a stitch to make a tuck stripe, you work not only the next stitch on the left hand needle, you also work through the purl bump of the indicated stitch on a previous row.  In this way, you create a "pocket" in your knitting creating a bump on one side (typically the RS) of the work and a pinch on the other side of your work (typically the WS).

Our Moulin Rouge scarf uses Tuck Stripes to create raised ribs of texture down the length of the scarf.

Tuck Stripe (knit):

Step 1:  Insert your needle as if to knit through the next st on the left hand needle.
Step 2:  Insert needle through the purl bump at the WS of the work of a stitch in the same column of stitches, but that is 1 or more rows down.  The more rows down, the larger the dimensional effect that the tuck stitch will make.  For this example, we are working the stitch 3 rows down.
Step 3:  Yarn over, and pull through a stitch onto the right hand needle.  Let the stitch fall off of the left hand needle.
Step 4: To create a Tuck Stripe, continue in this way until the end of the row for a dimensional effect.