Tunisian Bind Off

"Binding off" Tunisian crochet work is sometimes desirable in order to make the last row appear more "finished".  It is not necessary to bind off, and it is sometimes preferable to leave the loose edge of Tunisian crochet that has not been bound off.

Tunisian bind off  is worked through the front vertical bar of the prior row.

Bind off begins with a single loop on the hook. Skip the first vertical bar that defines the "starting edge" of the fabric.  [Insert the hook from right to left behind the next vertical bar and yarn over.  Draw a loop through both the vertical bar and the loop on the hook - similiar to a slip stitch]  Repeat [] until the one vertical bar remains that defines the "far edge" of the fabric.

Work the last stitch of the bind off in a manner consistent with how you have done the prior rows of your work.  (See last stitch of forward pass.)

Tie off.