Tunisian Double Crochet

After the base row of the Tunisian crochet fabric is complete, any number of Tunisian Crochet stitches can be worked.  A fun stitch that looks very similar to a knitted drop stitch is Tunisian Double Crochet,  most often abbreviated within instructions as Tdc.  Like any other Tunisian stitch, Tdc is worked in two steps:  the Forward and the Reverse Pass.

Forward Pass:  Working Loops onto the Hook


Take a look at the structure of the fabric stitches.  Just as with knitting or standard crochet, it is WHERE you work your stitch that controls the kind of stitch you make.

The stitches of the Tunisian crochet base row are comprised of a:

  • Front vertical bar
  • Back vertical bar
  • Upper horizontal thread
  • Lower horizontal thread

Tunisian double crochet (Tdc) is worked through the front vertical bar of the prior row.

The forward pass begins with a single loop on the hook.  In order to accommodate the height of a row of tdc, chain 2.

Skip the first vertical bar that defines the "starting edge" of the fabric.  [Yarn over, insert the hook from right to left behind the next vertical bar and yarn over.  Draw a loop through.  As in standard double crochet, yarn over, and draw through 2 loops on the hook.  Leave the final loop of the stitch on the hook.]  Repeat [] until the one vertical bar remains that defines the "far edge" of the fabric.

While it is possible to work this stitch as the prior stitches, some projects will require a more defined edge for this side of the fabric than working the vertical bar only will achieve.  Work this last stitch through the front vertical bar only similar to how the other stitches in the row have been worked, or follow the instructions for the last stitch of the forward pass.

You have completed half of a Tunisian double crochet row.


Reverse Pass:  Working Loops off the Hook


As a general rule, the reverse pass of Tunisian crochet is worked exactly the same for any stitch.  It is the forward pass that defines the variation between stitches.

Once the forward pass is complete and all loops are on the hook, yarn over and draw through one loop only (pictured to left).  After this first stitch, [yarn over, draw through two loops]  Repeat [] until only one stitch remains on the hook.  Do not turn.

A row of Tunisian double crochet (Tdc)  is complete!