Twisted Tunisian Simple Stitch (Twtss) / Tunisian Rib Stitch Pattern

Whereas the forward vertical bars in Tunisian Simple Stitch are almost perfectly upright, the forward vertical bars in this stitch lean towards the right. This stitch is particularly effective in creating the Tunisian Rib Stitch Pattern, (see video below).

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Just like with Tunisian Simple StitchTwisted Tunisian Simple Stitch is worked into the forward vertical thread, with the following difference: the hook as inserted from LEFT to RIGHT, following the direction that the knitting needle is inserted under the vertical bar as in the photo to the left.
It's a bit tricky to get your hook through the vertical bar from this direction. Don't be afraid to help isolate the bar with your left hand and rotate the hook so that it is easier to insert your hook from this angle. Pictured is the hook as it appears when already inserted through the vertical bar from this direction.
Yarn over, and pull up a loop in the vertical bar. Notice how the newly made stitch will cause the vertical bar in the row below to now lean towards the right. Next to this bar, for comparison, is a Tunisian Simple Stitch.
Tunisian Rib Stitch pattern is created by working reps of (TssTwtss). Pictured are 3 such reps.