Floral Clog Slippers
Floral Clog Slippers

Floral Clog Slippers

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Crochet Pattern - Not Finished Items

Crochet Flower Clogs:  a classic pattern with style! 

Our flower clogs present a fast and fun way to create the universal must-have on any girl’s downtime list: a cozy pair of slippers. Crochet is perfect for felted clogs- it felts up thick and the sculptural floral motif of the slippers can be worked-as-you-go.

Adapt this versatile and fun design to use with any worsted felting yarn or color combination (see our examples!) We provide photo tutorials and detailed information to help you get a quick and comfy result. Once you make a pair for yourself, be a friend and crochet some for the other special gals on your gift list.

Skill Level


Skill Level Description

Uses repetitive stitch patterns, simple shaping and simple finishing.

Finished Size

Felt to size: To fit adult females

Featured Yarn(s)

Featured yarns (pattern can use any worsted weight felting yarn:

  • A:  Cascade 220
  • B:  Berroco Ultra Alpaca
  • C:  Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride
  • D:  Southwest Trading Company Karaoke
Featured Yarn Gauge

Worsted Weight

Yardage Requirement

750 yards worsted weight felting yarn held with 2 strands together (Halve yardage if substituting bulky yarn and 1 strand only)

  • Yarn [A]:  390
  • Yarn [B]:  260
  • Yarn [C]:  100

Skeins of featured yarn:

  • A:
    • Yarn [A]:  2
    • Yarn [B]:  2
    • Yarn [C]:  1
  • B:
    • Yarn [A]:  2
    • Yarn [B]:  2
    • Yarn [C]:  1
  • C:
    • Yarn [A]:  3
    • Yarn [B]:  2
    • Yarn [C]:  1
  • D:
    • Yarn [A]:  4
    • Yarn [B]:  3
    • Yarn [C]:  1

    Jennifer Hansen

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