Tunisian Keyhole Cravat
Tunisian Keyhole Cravat
Tunisian Keyhole Cravat
Tunisian Keyhole Cravat

Tunisian Keyhole Cravat

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Tunisian Crochet Pattern - Not finished item

Step up your game (with Tunisian Crochet).

This little cravat is a quick project, but it packs some spicy heat and may teach you a few things about Tunisian that you didn’t know before.

You’ve heard that Tunisian is a mix between knit and crochet, and this little project will really drive that home. Our fully illustrated instructions will teach you how to do a few things with Tunisian that feel just like knitting

  • Directional increases: Right and Left leaning applies to Tunisian just as it does to knitting!
  • Manipulating stitches: After the forward pass, there are ways to play tricks with the live stitches on your hook to create 3d fabrics including cabling and 2 layer fabrics.
  • Tunisian Knit Stitch: Learn to knit with a hook!


Skill Level


Skill Level Description

Repetitive stitch pattern, simple shaping and finishing.

Finished Size

4 1/4 “ wide at widest point x 27 1/2” long from tip to tip

      Featured Yarn(s)
      Stitch Diva Studios Studio Silk
        Featured Yarn Gauge

        DK Weight

        Yardage Requirement
        Approximately 98 total yards

          Jennifer Hansen

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