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Crochet Pattern - Not a Finished Garment



Do you follow Diagrams or Text?

Doesn't matter, because we've got both in this pattern!

Our easy-to-follow instructions have been laid out in 12 pages of fully-illustrated instructions, including text, diagrams, how-to photography and detail photography of the project itself.

This means that if you get stuck and don't understand one way of reading the pattern, you've got options! You can check out the diagrams or detailed photography of the project itself to get back on track!

Lace expert or newbie?

This unique lace design will be a fun new challenge for lace vetarans looking for something new. 

But it's also great for crocheters just getting into lace because we've offered such detailed instructions.

Do you Puff Stitch?

This dimensional stitch is so beautiful. Have you tried it before?

Did you know there's more than one way to work them? In this project, we use 2 kinds of puff stitches and provide a detailed tutorial to help you get perfect results.

This shawl features this unique puff stitch.


Skill Level


Skill Level Description

Uses repetitive stitch patterns, simple shaping and simple finishing.

Finished Size

60” wide x 25” deep

      Featured Yarn(s)

      Silk Lace

        Featured Yarn Gauge

        Lace Weight

        Yardage Requirement
        920 Yards

          Jennifer Hansen

          About this Download

          Pattern File Download Size: Approx. 7.3 MB