Summerfest Bracelet with Lucet

Here’s a fun little lucet project that I’ve just whipped up.

You could use any kind of lucet cording (Basic, No Turn Method, or with a Single Gimp), but I made this project to showcase a cord I made for a new tutorial: How to make Lucet Cord with 2 Gimps. Take a look at the technique below:

The technique is simple, and I think an armful of these in different colors would be an absolutely beautiful accessory for summer.


Here are the steps:

What you will need:

Yarn(s) - one or more depending on whether you will be making a simple lucet cord with one yarn or a lucet cord with A Single Gimp or with 2 Gimps.  Note that I used 1 strand of the Rayon and (2) strands each of the Cotton Tape for each of the gimp cords.

Tapestry Needle
Beer Bottle (optional) ;)

Calculate required lucet cord length

Tuck your thumb to your palm and measure around your hand. Multiply this number by 6.1. So, for example, my measure is 8” around my hand, so my required lucet cord length is 8" x 6.1 = 48.8" or just 49” with rounding.

Make a lucet cord to length

Using any of the lucet cord methods mentioned above and make sure to have at least a 7” starting tail on the yarn you use for your lucet cord.


Make a “Turks Head Knot”

Take a look at the video above and the super helpful step-by-step photo tutorial at

Try a Beer Bottle

I found that a beer bottle was PERFECT to use as a form to create my bracelet - and if you are a woman with a medium-sized hand, you might want to try it!

Secure the Ends

On the back side of the bracelet, snip the end of the cord so that there is just a ½” overlap and use the 7” starting tail to sew the edges together as pictured.