Crocheting with Beads

There are several options for incorporating beads into crochet fabrics.  One option is to pre-string the yarn or wire and incorporate a bead within a single crochet stitch.  The technique illustrated below is always worked on the wrong side of the fabric.

Need a hand with the basic crochet stitches?  View our free, in-depth crochet tutorial.

To work the Backward Loop Cast-on:

Prestringing Beads:  When you pre-string your wire or yarn with beads, you string them in the reverse order that you will actually use them.  This means that those you stitch with last will be those that you load onto the wire first.
Step 1:  Prior to starting the stitch, scoot the bead up to the crochet hook.
Step 2:  Insert hook into next stitch and pull up a loop.
Step 4:  Complete the single crochet stitch as usual by yarning over and pulling through the last loop.
Pictured are 2 more beaded single crochet stitches completed.  Note that when working in this way, you are working on the wrong side of the fabric.
View from the right side of the work.