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Notes on Working Garter Stitch in the Round

I did a little research recently on working garter stitch in the round while I was considering the design of this super simple cowl. I started to work my project in the traditional way, working alternating knit and purl rounds and ran into that annoying jog at the end/beginning of the round at the transition point between knit and purl.  This started me on my quest to see if there was a way to do garter in the round without the jog and in this post I'll share some of what I found. First off, I was able to find three ways of working garter stitch in the round.  Here's the roundup:  The Traditional Approach: Working alternating knit/purl rounds. It's the way...

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Mixing Broomstick with your Knitting

Knitted Lace with Inline Broomstick Lace using Lucci Hemp Lace I've been having fun playing around with ways to mix knitting with Broomstick Lace. Since Broomstick Lace is a crochet technique that is done with a knitting needle anyways, it seems completely natural to knit a few rows, then use the crochet hook and the knitting needle for a few rows - the effects are gorgeous and it is fun to watch what happens as the two different kinds of laces merge into one another. Knitted Lace with Inline Broomstick Lace using Lucci Bamboo Lace The photos above show some of my experimentations working rows of knitting with a smaller needle, then switching to knit a row with a bigger needle. I've then worked...

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