Edging Strips with a Cable Stitch

Whether you join 2 or 200 hairpin lace strips to create a fabric, you will be left with 2 outer edges.  Just as there are a multitude of ways to join hairpin lace strips, there are a multitude of ways to edge the strips.  A very simple way to edge  strips that requires no extra yarn is with a cable join - this method entails slip stitching the loops of the strip through each other.  Our tutorial below shows a cable edging done one loop at a time, however this could be varied to incorporate groups of loops to achieve an entirely different fabric.   (see Working Groups of Loops).

To review crochet stitches:  Crochet Tutorial

Insert the hook into the first loop of the strip and then into the second loop of the strip.  Draw the 2nd loop through the first in order to slip stitch them together.  You should now have the 2nd loop remaining on your hook.
Continue by inserting your hook into the subsequent loop and drawing this loop through the loop on your hook.
Continue slip stitching the loops together in this manner until the end of the strip.  Tie off after the last set of loops:  pull the the tail from the strip through the loop on your hook to form another loop on the hook.  Draw the remainder of the tail through this new loop to tie off.  Once all loops on the strip are secured, cut and remove the guide line.
Appearance of a completed cable edge.