Knit and Crochet with Wire and Beads

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Wire is a fun departure for those used to working with yarn.  It comes in a variety of sizes and colors.  Wire sizing is described in numerical gauge, with higher numbers for thinner wire and lower numbers for thicker wire.  Typically, wire sized at 28 gauge and above is used for knit and crochet.

Wire has memory and stiffness that yarn doesn’t have.  This makes it harder on your hands and harder on your tools.  Don't use your prize tools for these projects:  use steel or aluminum tools since wood, bamboo and plastic will scratch.  To get the crisp results, it is necessary to pull the row or round lengthways to reveal the crisp definition of the stitches:  a process of "blocking as you go".   

Work with wire deliberately by moving slow.  While it is possible to rip up stitches, this kinks the wire and reduces the workability.  The wire can only be worked so many times before it will break.  Since wire retains the shape you give it, get that shape right the first time and avoid mistakes to avoid overworking the wire.

Find out more about working with wire using our tutorial below.