Tunisian Crochet

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Tunisian crochet is considered by many to be a cross between knitting and crochet.  The distinctive fabric created by this technique looks almost woven instead of either knitted or crocheted.  Tunisian crochet is typically worked on a long hook with a stopper on the end -  similar to a knitting needle that also has a stopper on the end so that the stitches held on the tool do not fall off. 

Tunisian crochet is different from the standard form of crochet in that each row is worked in 2 distinct passes:  the "forward" pass, in which loops are worked onto the hook, and the "reverse" pass in which the loops are worked back off the hook.  With Tunisian crochet, work is never turned; the right side of the fabric will always be the facing side.   Tunisian crochet is also referred to as "Afghan Crochet" or Afghan Stitch.


Starting out

Basic Stitches

Tunisian Crochet in the Round


Playing with Color

Tips & Tricks