Hairpin Lace

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Hairpin Lace is a beautiful and easy crochet technique that was very popular in the Victorian times.  Because hairpin lace is so quick to work up and yields such gorgeous results with modern yarns,  it is the ultimate stitch craft for the modern crocheter who wants fast results. Using a crochet hook and loom, hairpin lace (sometimes called hairpin crochet)  involves creating strips that are then crocheted together.  While our tutorial is intended to provide a solid introduction to Hairpin Lace, we can only scratch the surface at the infinite ways that strips can be joined together.

In order to attempt hairpin lace, it is necessary to have experience with the basic crochet stitches.  See our Crochet Tutorial if you need to review the basic stitches.

It may feel clumsy at first to handle the loom.  Once you have completed your first project, you will find that this technique is extremely pleasurable and requires little concentration - the perfect way to unwind while watching a movie or chatting with friends.

Please note:  the hairpin lace loom featured in these tutorials is the Handmade Walnut Hairpin Lace Loom by AGeary Woodworks.  We helped develop this loom, and photos feature both the final version of the loom as well as early prototypes.

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  • Tools
  • Starting out:  The Basic Strip (Video Available)
  • Making the Hairpin Lace Fabric
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